Let's Contribute and Earn a Cool Badge!

Let's Contribute and Earn a Cool Badge from LinuxSec! - We're designing a digital badge for everyone who contributes to LinuxSec. This badge will be a recognition of their valuable contributions to the platform.

Presently, we're providing a badge titled "LinuxSec Contributor" with plans for additional badges in the near future.

LinuxSec Contributor

There are several way to earn this badge. 

Submit an Article

You can earn this badge by submit a valuable content to LinuxSec. Your article will be considered for publication on either this blog or our Medium platform, contributing to your eligibility for the badge.

Contribute to Our GitHub Project

To earn the LinuxSec Contributor Badge, you can also do so by submitting a pull request to our GitHub project. A merged commit resulting from your pull request will qualify you for this badge.

Make a Small Donation

If you've found our content on this blog and other subdomains like htb.linuxsec.org, exploit.linuxsec.org, or news.linuxsec.org helpful, making a small donation to us is another way to earn this badge. Your contribution will also qualify you for this recognition.

Are you interested? Let's contribute!

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