Manjaro Fringilla Akhirnya Dirilis, Apa Saja yang Baru ?

Setelah melewati dua bulan pengembangan, developer Manjaro akhirnya mengumumkan versi terbaru Manjaro 16.10 Fringilla kemarin, 31 Oktober 2016. Selain tampilan yang makin "wah", banyak perubahan perubahan dari versi sebelumnya. Apa saja yang baru di manjaro 16.10 ?
XFCE tetap menjadi desktop andalan Manjaro dan untuk rilis versi ini mereka menggunakan Xfce versi 4.12 .
Untuk versi KDE mereka menggunakan desktop Plasma 5.8 dengan KDE-Apps 16.08 .
Overall Changes :
We have now Plasma 5.8.2, Firefox 49.0, Nvidia 370.28, LibreOffice 5.1.6, Systemd 231, Octopi 0.8.5 and Pamac 4.1.5 added to these install medias. Calamares 2.4.3 has following highlights:
  • fixed user creation so it obeys the list of default groups for new users
  • added Deepin support to the displaymanager module
  • fixed an issue which could cause a failed install with LUKS if other LUKS partitions are already present
  • improved system requirements configuration checking
  • fixed case-insensitive path handling when installing GRUB on VFAT filesystems
  • fixed an issue which could cause a failed install when resolv.conf is a broken symlink in the target rootfs
  • added support for disabling LUKS-related UI elements
  • fixed an issue in the summary page, which caused the target root partition to be mislabeled in the UI
  • fixed how the timezone setting is applied, so certain environments like KDE Plasma always obey the setting on first boot
  • fixed timezone selector behavior, so that a timezone changes affect the live system immediately
    improved partition scanner code so it always excludes ISO9660 volumes (to avoid showing the live USB stick or optical disk in the devices list)
  • countless other bug fixes
Jika kalian pengguna Manjaro atau yang tertarik mencoba bisa langsung download disini :

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